Employment Law Website Case Study

January 3, 2024

By Jonny

Law firms need an easy-to-manage website that allows visitors to find what they are looking for. It should be future proof and completely owned by the client. 


LBJ consultants are a full service human resource, employment law and health & safety provider based in Scotland.

What we wanted to do

The objective was to get lbjconsultants.co.uk more visibility in search engines and consequently more traffic and enquiries.

The existing website was built using Wix and as a consequence had a few structural issues including random urls, clunky design, lack of mobile optimisation and a slightly dated design.

It was time to let the client focus on what they do best, and leave the digital marketing to us. (See the old site below).

lbj consultants old website


They have offices based in multiple locations, each with separate phone numbers. 

This is important for potential clients looking for deal with somebody locally.

We also needed to cater for 3 types of visitors; 

  • Those looking for hr advice
  • Employment law advice or 
  • Health and safety advice

Ideally a client may want all three.


We took the basic design in the Wix website maker and moved it over to WordPress. 

Included any features the client liked such as background videos and branding. We then applied this to a modern, clean looking WordPress template to ensure we have the right impression to visitors.

Each page was designed to include;

  • H1(the page’s title)
  • An intro sentence detailing why visitors should  care and qualifying the H1
  • A call to action immediately to cater for our lack of patience online!
  • We wanted to create space for lots of the client videos as well as providing a framework for them to quickly edit and change videos in future.
  • We were also keen to move away from the text-heavy approach and have different on page elements that help break the text up, draw users attention to different areas and help them find what they are looking for.
  • With the growing email list of members we wanted to accommodate this list with a resources section that can easily be logged into and out of full stop with able to create Ribbons that pop up or drop down on certain pages to to alerts anyone who is not a member that they can sign in for free and access a lot of resources relevant to them.
  • The blog section is extensive with the number of different categories that are easily accessible and linked to from various service level pages. We want to make sure that no pages were orphaned and linked to from other areas of the website.


See the finished product here: lbjconsultants.co.uk

A website owned by the client that's easy to update with content and manage subscribers. It is also optimised for mobile and easy to add in any other plugins required to aid the site for example of membership plugin.

Faster load times for key pages will also be a massive advantage for the website’s SEO going forward.

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