#1 Must Try Marketing Tactic For Law Firms With Small Budgets

April 10, 2020

By Jonny
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For law firms, there’s a cost-effective, uber-targeted way of reaching your ideal customers when they are searching for your services.  It’s a tactic that very few (if any) of your competitors are using. It’s like a hidden loophole or a treasure chest and your law firm should get onto it ASAP before anyone else realises.

It involves taking data from Google ads and using it to advertise on Youtube based specifically on what people have searched for in Google. 

Why all the excitement? Because you can now reach higher numbers of relevant people for less cost.

For solicitors, advertising on Youtube and other websites has always allowed you to reach far more people and get more clicks at less cost than show ads in Google search results.

The problem however was the lack of precision when it came to targeting. 

Here's a summary of how it traditionally worked...

Youtube  vs. Search ads


  • Target people with video and text ads
  • Targeting based on in interest, topic & content they're interested in.
  • Low cost per 1000 people reached 


  • Target people with text ads
  • Targeting based on specific search terms "personal injury solicitors near me"
  • High cost per click due to competition

Which was better?

While cheaper to get visibility and interaction with Youtube videos, the intent has always been better using Google search ads. Why? Because someone searching for "personal injury solicitors" is in the market there and then to find a solution. Youtube ads are shown to people who may not be actively looking for your services.

So what if we could take the targeting used in search ads and show our law firm to people on Youtube who we know are actively looking? Well now we can...

The Problem:

Using Google ads for solicitors works.

The problem is that  for certain legal services the Google search network can be expensive (as high as £31 for one click, see below).

The Solution:

The solution is YouTube advertising using "custom intent keywords".

You can tell YouTube  what your ideal customers are likely to be searching for in Google and then create a custom audience of these people to serve them ads across YouTube.

This means that you'll reach more relevant people, near your location, for less cost. 

According to Google Ads, the average monthly cost of per click for a search term such as “personal injury solicitors in the UK” is £31.10. If you convert 1 in every 10 visitors intro an enquiry (10%) then you could have spent £310 for one enquiry. That one enquiry may turn into a paying client, but chances are you’ll need to get another 3, 4 or even 5 enquiries to get one paying client. So marketing for small law firms the costs can add up.

list of personal injury search terms

So if your average click through rate on Google ads is 10% of people who see the ad vs. people who Click on it , you'll need to get your ad in front of 50 people before you can even Get 5 clicks. And out of those 5 clicks,  how many would you expect to go on to make an enquiry? And how many of those enquiries would you expect to go on and instruct you? 

With Google's Custom audience targeting on Youtube, you can reach way more people by paying per thousand impressions or CPM, as opposed to paying for clicks.

How Much To Spend

On YouTube and Google display your cost-per-click is much lower (an average of 45 pence in my experience).

While on Google search for really competitive services such as property conveyance or family law an average cost per 1000 impressions could be as high as £220. On YouTube it can be as little as £5 to get in front of 1000 people.

So for as little as £5 - £10 per day you could get your ads in front of 1000's of people who have actively been searching for your services. 

Setting up YouTube ads for law firms

What you'll need:

  • A google ads account to set up the ads including budget, location & audience targeting, ad creative.
  • A short video (6 seconds minimum) 
  • A YouTube channel to host the video on

Step by step


Create your audience

These are the people who are going to see your ads and in this case they are going to be actively looking for you! Write down as many search terms that you think people would use when looking for your services. You'll need at least 50 to get started, so if you need inspiration, use the Google keyword planner.


Make your video

The scary part! It has to be a video, you can't just use text for these ads. The good news is your video doesn't have to be Oscar winning. Just wack a few images together and make them move and include a title. Remember this is about awareness and doesn't have to be perfect. It's not the Cannes film festival. 


Choose your budget and go

YouTube ads are all set up via the Google Ads interface, so you'll need to set up a Youtube channel, upload your video and then connect it to Google ads. 

The video should speak for itself and then you'll link it to your website landing poge where visitors can enquire.

 Over to you. You could give the above a go or get in touch and I'll do it for you.

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