The 2024 Digital marketing for law firms guide

May 23, 2024

By Jonny

Digital marketing for law firms is about connecting with new clients using online channels such as search engines, paid ads and social media.

By understanding who your ideal clients are, where they spend their time online and who you are competing with, you can invest in the right areas of marketing and get tonnes of relevant enquiries.

Before we take a look at the digital marketing channels that are most effective for law firms, there are three vital steps that you need to take.

step 1

Finding your ideal clients in the legal sector

How can you find high quality clients who need your services? You should have a good understanding already of who your ideal clients are. For example if you work with civil litigation then there may be certain types of accidents and injury claim that aren't profitable for you.

You need to understand what problems your ideal clients are trying to overcome. If you don't know, simply go to Google, enter a search term that is relevant to your law firm and and look at the "People also ask" section. It's like a goldmine!

step 2

Understand the competition

An important part of any law firm marketing strategy is understanding the competition. If you are unaware of who your competitors are, you can do a search in Google and take a look at your local competitors competitors. 

What do they say on their websites what are they proposing to customers why would clients choose them ahead of you. What can you do better?

There are various SEO tools we can use to see which search terms / keywords your competitors are ranking for in Google. We could even make estimates on how much they spend on ads.

Facebook also very kindly provides details of the types of ads that other law firms are running. All great data and if nothing else inspiration for what you might need to do in your law firm digital marketing.

step 3

Polish your value proposition

Once you know more who the ideal clients are for your law firm are and what your competitors are doing, you can create a strong value proposition.

This doesn't need to be big PDFs and PowerPoint presentations, but it's a very simple reason why a client should choose you ahead of your competitors.

What does your law firm do that's different and what can you offer that's going to entice potential clients to get in touch?

Some common ideas include; no win no fee, free consultations or a percentage back from the consultation fee further down the line.

SEO - (Search engine optimization)

SEO for solicitors can be the most profitable long-term strategy for law firms looking to attract free website enquiries. 

By optimising your website for Google, creating quality, valuable content for website visitors and ensuring your site has lots of high-quality links to it from other websites, you can start to rank the search terms that your target clients are entering into Google. This can dramatically improve your search engine visibility.

legal website seo case study

To create an effective law firm SEO strategy you'll need to understand what Google is looking for in order to rank your site as high as possible in search results:

  1. What your potential clients are searching for in search engines.
  2. How you can create content that answers the problems that people search for.
  3. How you can get quality backlinks from other websites to show Google that your website is worth ranking higher in search engine results.

Visibility and clicks from search engines are all well and good, but your bottom line is more enquiries. To find out how SEO services increased this law firm's enquiries to over 120 per month (from 0) check out our law firm SEO case study.

Local SEO

Local SEO for solicitors is vital for small to medium sized law firms and businesses.  People are looking for legal services near them and so if you don't appear for local searches in Google, for example "solicitors near me", then you're missing a trick.

A Google my business account (or a Bing for business account) is a great way to appear in local searches.

This will tell people where you are based, give them your contact details, some of your specialisms and also allow them to contact you directly from the page.

Google my business for solicitors

Paid ads on Google, Microsoft and Social Media

Paid ads (ppc) can help law firms get almost instant visibility with your target consumers across Google search, display, YouTube and even email accounts. You can also use social media ads that target specific demographics on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn with your advertisement.

With PPC you can set a daily budget and you only pay every time somebody clicks, views one of your video ads or you can pay per-thousand people who see your ad. Either way you have full control over campaigns and can make edits based on the data that you have.

Example of a PPC ad in Google

Results for PPC ads can be measured in calls and enquiries either directly from the ad itself or after someone has landed on your website. 

Find out more about PPC Marketing For Lawyers.

Your Website

A “fit for purpose” website is the engine room of marketing for law firms

Your website experience needs to go beyond just looking nice. It needs to provide visitors with exactly what they're looking for in less than 8 seconds and it needs to load fast to tell Google that it is is trustworthy.

By creating a well-structured website you can allow users to easily find information, as well as giving Google all that needs to rank your key pages highly.

If your website is well-designed you can also create compelling content that gives visitors real value and gauges them and helps them to make an enquiry with you.

employment law solicitor website

And don't neglect the mobile experience!

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is one of the most important strategies for law firms. It helps define your brand and create narratives across all of your digital marketing channels.

You're going to need better content than your competitors if you want to be a market leader. 

Whether it is a website landing page or copy in a Google ad, you need to make sure that you stand out from the crowd and that your consumers are aware why they should choose you ahead of the competition.

Creating quality content that demonstrates your expertise can have long-term value when it comes to SEO, as pages can rank for months if not years in the top spots in Google if they are crafted in the correct way.

It's also important to understand why you are creating content.

A big mistake a lot of law firms make is investing lots of time creating posts for social media engagement when the reality is that most people don't really want to engage with a law firm on social media profiles.

It's the same with website content. You might create a blog that you thing visitors will find useful, but without having the data to support it, you could be wasting your time.

Your content marketing should have real purpose.

Email Marketing

Use of email for law firms is an interesting one as it is rarely the most important online marketing channel to help your business, however, you can use high quality email in clever ways to help other channels. 

It's unlikely that you're going to build an email list of thousands and thousands of willing participants.

But you can keep clients engaged at the point they interact with you.

The benefit of doing this is that they can give you reviews. Reviews are really important Factor and helping other potential clients make a decision.

Simply send a follow up email to anyone who you know has had a good experience and ask them to review you on your Google my business page, your Facebook profile or paid for services like Trust Pilot

Data and Analytics

If you've made it this far, you probably want to see a pie chart...

One of my favourite things about digital marketing is that is all measurable. You'll know how many enquiries you have had through your website via either the phone or website forms. 

You'll know no where your website traffic came from what they did when they landed there and what you can do to improve.

Using tools like Google Analytics or Google search console, you can create some really cool looking reports. 

data and analytics for law firms

Digital Marketing Team

You may choose to employ a team of people who can cover manage each of the above marketing channels, including planning and delivery of the overall digital marketing strategy.

For some law firms it can be more cost-effective and less risk to use a marketing agency for law firms.

A law firm marketing agency gives you you flexibility of a monthly retainer that can be cancelled anytime. They'll also have a good grasp on how to manage and get the best out of digital marketing channels. 

For the cost of employing experts for every digital marketing channel, you may find that employing a marketing agency is slightly more cost-effective as they can specialise in everything from social media and website design to SEO and content marketing.

Planning & Cost Analysis

Do you know how much it cost to currently to acquire a new client?

With digital marketing strategies, you'll be able to tell exactly that.

Having an ideal cost per acquisition of a new client in mind can help you determine how much you should invest in your digital marketing.

For example it may cost you £100 to get one 1 civil litigation client, but that client could then go on to be worth thousands of pounds in revenue.

Where as a client acquisition for making a basic will may be slightly cheaper because the the end service for that may not be as profitable for you.

What is the best digital marketing strategy for law firms?

Optimize Your Law Firm's Website: Ensure your website is user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and optimized for search engine results pages (SERPs). High-quality content related to your practice areas helps improve SEO.

Leverage Local SEO Strategies: Local law firms should focus on local SEO to attract clients in their area. This includes optimizing Google My Business profiles and garnering positive Google reviews.

Engage in Social Media Marketing: Utilize social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to share valuable content, engage with your audience, and build your law firm's online presence.

Invest in Online Advertising: Use pay-per-click (PPC) ads, such as Google Ads, to target specific keywords and demographics. This can drive immediate traffic to your website.

Content Marketing: Create and share high-quality content, including blog posts, articles, and videos, to establish authority and attract more clients. Video marketing, particularly, is effective for explaining complex legal concepts and showcasing expertise.

Email Marketing Campaigns: Develop targeted email marketing campaigns to keep existing clients informed and nurture leads.

Online Reviews and Reputation Management: Encourage satisfied clients to leave positive reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp. Managing your online reputation is essential for attracting new clients.

Collaborate with Legal Marketing Experts: Consider partnering with a legal marketing agency for specialized digital marketing solutions and ongoing support.

Why is digital marketing important for law firms?

Digital marketing is crucial for law firms in today's competitive environment for several reasons:

  1. Reach a Broader Audience: With most law firms now utilizing online marketing strategies, digital marketing efforts allow law firms to reach a wider audience beyond their local area, targeting potential clients who are actively searching for legal services online.
  2. Cost-Effective Marketing Tool: Compared to traditional marketing methods, digital marketing provides cost-effective solutions like social media posts, blog posts, and ad campaigns that fit within the marketing budget of many law firms.
  3. Enhanced Online Presence: A strong online presence through a well-optimized law firm website and active social media profiles helps attract more clients. This is particularly important for corporate law firms and personal injury lawyers who rely on visibility to drive client acquisition.
  4. Engage with Target Audience: Digital marketing strategies allow law firms to directly engage with their target audience. Through tools like email marketing, social media interactions, and online reviews, firms can build relationships and trust with prospective clients.
  5. Adaptable and Measurable Efforts: Digital marketing allows for ongoing process improvements. Law firms can adjust their internet marketing efforts based on real-time data and analytics, optimizing ad campaigns and content strategies to maximize ROI.
  6. Showcase Expertise and Authority: By publishing high-quality content such as blog posts and articles, law firms can demonstrate their expertise in specific practice areas, thus attracting clients looking for specialized legal advice.
  7. Competitive Advantage: Successful firms leverage digital marketing tips and strategies to stand out in a crowded market. Effective attorney internet marketing can give a competitive edge over firms still relying solely on traditional methods.
  8. Informed Marketing Spend: Digital advertising allows for precise targeting and tracking, ensuring that the marketing spend is utilized efficiently and effectively, providing measurable results that contribute to the firm's growth.

What is the best form of advertising for a lawyer?

The best form of advertising for a lawyer is a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that integrates multiple online marketing tactics to achieve their marketing goals. Here are the key components:

By combining these online strategies into a cohesive legal digital marketing plan, lawyers can effectively attract and retain clients, outperform competitors, and achieve their marketing objectives.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimize your law firm online presence to rank higher in search engine results, making it easier for potential clients to find your services.

Content Marketing: Create high-quality blog posts and articles that address common legal questions, demonstrate expertise, and attract organic traffic. This is especially important for personal injury lawyers who need to build trust and authority.

Client Reviews: Encourage satisfied law firm clients to leave positive reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp. Positive client reviews significantly impact the decision-making process of prospective clients.

Social Media Marketing: Utilize social media platforms to engage with your audience, share valuable content, and promote your services. This helps to build a strong online presence and reach a broader audience.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Implement targeted online ad campaigns, such as Google Ads, to drive immediate traffic to your website. PPC ads can be tailored to specific keywords and demographics to reach those actively searching for legal services.

Email Marketing: Develop email campaigns to keep existing clients informed and nurture potential leads. Personalized emails can help maintain client relationships and encourage repeat business.

Local SEO Strategies: For local law firms, optimizing for local searches ensures visibility within the community. Listing your firm on local directories and ensuring consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone) information is crucial.

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