10 Killer Content Ideas For Law Firms

February 14, 2019

By Jonny

Legal practices want more enquiries for less cost and a greater return on sales and marketing spend.

Content marketing represents the promotional part of your marketing mix and helps you build relationships, provide value and ultimately convert people looking for your services into paying clients.

What can content do for you?

  • Provide Value – build trust with potential clients looking to educate themselves
  • Build Traffic – Great content means more website visitors and a higher chance of enquiries.
  • Build Relationships – Trust is important in the legal industry. By providing value and getting to know your customers, you can build lasting relationships.
  • Generate Enquiries – Strong content can be the starting point on a journey to a paying client.
  • SEO for solicitors – Great content goes hand in hand with a an SEO strategy.
  • Data – Finding out what interests potential customers and serving them the right message at the right time is vital.

1. Numbered Lists

Use lists. And not just any old lists; numbered lists. A numbered lists gives us a clear indication of when the content starts, ends and how much time we can expect to digest it.

Once created, the content is also ideal for social media promotion, as numbers are eye catching and list headlines are intriguing.

Take any of your services and create a blog post that gives potential clients valuable information and demonstrates your expertise in a nice, numbered list.

2. The Checklist

Much like the list, us humans love a good checklist.

The difference is that while the list gives you things to consider, the checklist is actionable.

Where to go, what to do, what to know before a court case.

Give potential clients a checklist that they can easily store and use before starting any legal process. Think about the things they need to remember and what they might need to do before and afterwards.

3. Numbers & Statistics

Numbers are eye-catching. They provide talking points and are great for social media content where time is at a premium. People share numbers and stats, which gives you more visibility.

You own the stats. How many specific enquiries about a certain subject have you had this year? How many successful cases? What’s the average cost of conveyancing or house prices in your town or city?

Give potential clients a checklist that they can easily store and use before starting any legal process. Think about the things they need to remember and what they might need to do before and afterwards.

4. The Series

Lists, guides and educational content can be split up into a series of blogs or emails and are a great way to keep website visitors interested and engaged.

New episodes in the series can link back to previous content giving more pages visibility and providing more depth to visitors.

5. Choose Your Words

Your blog or content headlines can use certain words in the headline and opening paragraph to evoke emotions in the reader; fear of loss, urgency, intrigue, education.

6. Answer Questions

“How to…”, “What is?” every day your potential clients are asking Google questions. Your website could be the answer to their questions and the start of a profitable relationship.

7. Case Studies

A great way to showcase your work and provide a subtle example of how you can help potential clients. While many legal services are sensitive, there are few things more effective than a customer case study when it comes to persuading potential clients.

8. Breaking News

Why not syndicate news stories relevant to your audience and give them a local slant in terms of what it means from a legal point of view. Add quotes in from your expert staff members.

9. FAQs

During meetings or consultations with clients, what is the most commonly asked question?

Not only could you create a blog about these, you could create entire sections on your website for each service. It may even help cut the time it takes advisers or solicitors to speak to clients.

10. IAQs

We’ve all heard of FAQs, but what about IAQs (infrequently asked questions)? These are the questions that clients never seem to ask you, but you really think they should i.e. you always have to tell them because they never ask.

This could be a “What if…” or a worst case scenario they need to be aware of.

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