Serious Law Firm Website Design 

What makes a great website design for law firms? It's fast and looks great on all devices, while attracting and engaging visitors, then turning them into enquiries.

Create a law firm website

  • Branding design
  • Super-fast
  • Easy to use content management system
  • Unlimited page design and post go-live changes
  • Full content management and hosting
  • Technical requirements e.g. quote forms and calculators

How it works for you

  • No fixed contracts
  • Pay monthly or a one off fee
  • Marketing plan of action
  • Full ownership of the website by you
  • Website content management as required
  • Full access / training on set up given


Law Firm Partners, Directors, Owners & Managers

What do you want potential clients to do when they land on your solicitor's website?

When we design websites for law firms, we design sales machines that generate enquiries month after month, for the long haul.

If you’re ready to see a real ROI from a proven law firm marketing strategy, then our law firm website developers are ready: book a free call with us here.

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Want to be one of the leading law firms?

Using the best online marketing channels effectively, we connect law firms from all over the world, with their ideal type of clients.

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Natasha Batty

Natasha Batty

It's been amazing. I've had to employ first response admin staff to take instructions!

Ian Creighton

Ian Creighton

Jonny and team are always on hand to give technical and strategic advice when needed, as well as helping to drive measurable results across a range of digital channels. 


What is conversion focused legal website design?

It's about putting the user at the centre of your website experience. You, your partner and your friends might think your website looks good or bad but the reality is it doesn't matter.

It matters whether people are finding it, engaging with it and making enquiries through it.

A conversion focused website is part of your overall marketing strategy so you need to invest in. You're sending traffic from various digital marketing channels, particularly SEO and once they are there, you want them to make an enquiry.

Why do law firms need a website?

Your law firm website is your online brochure, but more importantly it can act as your most important sales person.

Without a website you're missing out on trust (people will google you to find information and reviews) as well as potential enquiries from people who have never heard of you but searched for a legal specialist.

Having a website for your law firm allows you to build your brand, get in front of potential clients, engage them and then generate enquiries for your legal services.

 When done properly, your website can be the hub of your marketing activity. 

What makes a good legal website?

We create law firm websites that are part of a marketing strategy. For example it goes beyond just looking nice and saying what you think it should say. A good legal website is one that puts the audience first and is optimised for attracting clients, engaging them and then converting them into enquiries.

Factors that make a great legal website, range from it being mobile optimised and fast, to conversion focused with an SEO content strategy.

How long does it take to design a law firm website?

A law firm website can be designed and created in a couple of hours. 

The big question is how prepared you are to iterate and make changes as you go along.  The website does not need to be perfect before “go live”.  It needs to start doing its job, which is to generate enquiries.

From there you can use the data that you get about your website visitors to make the best marketing decisions and improve your website every day, week and month.

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Solicitors, lawyers and law firms working with Inbound Things get more relevant enquiries...

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It's been amazing. I've had to employ first response admin staff to take instructions!

Natasha Batty

Natasha Batty

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