SEO Copywriting For Solicitors

January 10, 2023

By Jonny

SEO copywriting for law firms is the practice of creating optimised content to meet both your target market and search engine's expectations. It's an important part of a successful SEO strategy and can benefit everything from website pages and social media content to YouTube videos. 

Let's break it down...

  • Search engine optimisation is a marketing strategy for getting free (organic) traffic from search engines such as Google (and to a far lesser extent, Bing)
  • By creating a well structured website, that is technically optimised, is well structured and has quality links coming into it, you can get loads of free traffic to your law firm's website for years to come. 
  • It all starts with copywriting great content.  
  • Quickly engage and persuade your target market online (ideally within 8 seconds) 
  • Builds authority and trust for your law firm as the legal experts
  • Encourages potential clients to get in make an enquiry
SEO copywriting

Using search engine data to understand what both readers and search engines are looking for and then creating compelling content that ranks highly in Google and engages search engine visitors so much, that they want to make an enquiry. 

3 Types of SEO Copywriting

When it comes to writing website copy, rule number one is find the level that’s good enough and get it published!

However, to give your content real purpose, you might give a bit of thought to the types of written content your law firm can create. This generally falls into three categories that fit into an “awareness funnel”.
  1.  Top of the Funnel - They don't know you and need educating.
  2.  Middle of the Funnel - You can introduce your services and show them how you can help them to overcome a specific problem.
  3.  Bottom of the Funnel - This audience is the closest to making an enquiry.

Top of the funnel

This is all about educating and informing your potential clients. They don’t know your law firm but are trying to educate themselves on a legal issue. Some common content formats for this stage include

  • Blog posts
  • Checklists
  • Videos
  • Infographics

Middle of the funnel

At this stage, you are still educating and inspiring your audience, introducing your services to them and how you operate as a firm. Types of contents that can be created for this stage include;

  • Emails
  • Worksheets
  • Case studies
  • E-books
  • Sales pages

Bottom of the funnel

The goal is to make a conversion - turn a website visitor into a relevant enquiry. It is easy to sell to your clients once you have gained their trust and engaged with them successfully.

Here you can use sales and service pages to present them with offers or benefits of working with you. You can show them why you are different to competitors and how you can help them overcome their problem.

The Process for Law Firm SEO Copywriting

First you need to decide what to write about. The good thing about SEO copywriting is that you can match your content with search engine data. 

There is a pretty foolproof way to get ideas on what to write about for your law firm’s website.

Simply head over to Google enter a topic relevant to your law firm in the search box and voila! A list of potential topics to write about.

keyword research law firms google
There are also a number of tools you can use to give you ideas based on how many people are searching the various topics relevant to your business.

The Google ads keyword tool is a free tool gives you an indication as to the average number of monthly people searching  for any topic (see below).

keyword research seo copywriting for solicitors

Analysis Paralysis

A mind-blowing statistic - there are are around 3.5 billion searches in Google everyday. Even more incredibly - 15% of all of these searches have never been entered into Google before.

This means two things for your legal website:

  1. There is loads of data waiting for you to get ideas
  2. Don't become paralyzed by the data. Create the content publish it and see what happens (you'll see if it is working or not).

Planning Your Writing

At this point, you should understand what the purpose of your article will be. Understand the post's central message and what you want to achieve once your readers consume it. 

Also, determine your target audience and the structure of your article.

Is the page design to sell or are you looking to provide information and value to visitors?

Your contents can be split into sections ( a bit like I've done with this page). With each section serving a specific purpose and contributing to the overall theme of your content.

Get Writing

The most crucial bit of this phase is to write. That's right if you're in any doubt, just write and worry about editing any errors later on. Ensure you stick to your text's structure, making it as readable as possible.

Get Editing

This is a crucial part of SEO copywriting.

Focus on individual sentences and paragraphs and review you whether the purpose the content has been met.

You can also apply some of the structural aspects of SEO. For example are there any secondary keywords that you can include in headings or body text and all there any images tables or graphs that can support what you're trying to say.

During the keyword research phase above, you'll be aware of the search terms that you want your content to rank for, you can make sure that you've included this in the following places:

  • The URL of the page
  • The main title (H1) of the page
  • In the body text of the page

Internal and External Links

When editing your content , check the pages you can link to and from. Having high-quality links in your content boosts your SEO efforts by telling Google which pages you think are important.

You can get a great report in the Google Search console about your most linked content. If you see pages at the top of this report but you don't think it should be there, then you need to rethink your internal link building strategy.

Linking out to other authoritative sites can also give you a content more credibility for example of you've taken statistics or opinions from elsewhere then you should link to the destination.

If you need help understanding how to optimise or create great SEO content then get in touch

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