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The cost-effective strategy to get more clients than your competitors.

Our new AI-driven SEO service for law firms is ready to go.
We're inviting select law firms to try it at a discounted rate.

Do you want to see an average increase of 5300% in relevant website traffic, like our other clients? 

Count me in!

*We'll review your firm and get back in touch. 

SEO for lawyers example

*"Divorce lawyers" is an example. SEO works for most legal services.

Natasha Batty

Natasha Batty

It's been amazing. I've had to employ first response admin staff to take instructions!

Ian Creighton

Ian Creighton

Jonny and team are always on hand to give technical and strategic advice when needed, as well as helping to drive measurable results across a range of digital channels. 

Jonny Cameron

Your potential clients aren't only using Google to find law firms, solicitors and lawyers. They are using Google to find information on legal issues.

By understanding what your target clients are searching for in Google, you can create valuable content that encouages them to visit your website and instruct you.

That's where we come in.  

Jonny Cameron ‧ Founder of Inbound Things

Your law firm has a website. But is it generating enquiries?
How many potential visitors are you missing out on?

Our SEO strategies help our law firm clients’ websites to get in front of 1000's of people who are looking for legal services each month. 

We use data to understand what your clients are searching for in Google, then we use data mixed with AI to make content that is better than your competitors', so it ranks highly in Google.

Here's how we do it:

  • Create website articles 
  • Build links from other authoritative legal websites back to yours
  • Technical audit of your website to give it the best chance of ranking highly
crest legal logo

A law firm SEO case study

More visibility in Google means more clicks to the website. More clicks to the website means more enquiries.

Crest Legal is a commercial law firm based in London, UK specialising in legal advice on sales, acquisitions, funding, and commercial contracts.

We partnered with Crest Legal to build an online presence, based around industry knowledge and expertise, designed to get more relevant visitors to the website.

Together we got more visitors to the website. Lots more.

We took the number of organic (free traffic from Google) visitors from an average of 125 visitors per month to an average of 8150 visitors per month.

Here's how we did it:

A New Website

We built a well-structured website with super-fast hosting.

This is the foundation of an effective SEO strategy. We structured the website to make sure that internal links worked to demonstrate to Google which pages are the most important and that all technical implementation is in place to ensure the website not only looks great but is easy for visitors to find information on both mobile and desktop devices.

The Content Strategy

This involved researching the legal problems that partners, directors, founders, and business owners have and then using search engine data to identify which phrases, search terms, and topics have a high enough search volume to warrant creating the content.

Once we have a list of topics, we use data to see what it is that Google is looking for to rank the content highly in the search results.

Content Creation

Next, we created the content in the form of regular articles each month using AI to ensure the tone of voice is correct and that there are no legal details missing.

Link Building

Next, we created the content in the form of regular articles each month using AI to ensure the tone of voice is correct and that there are no legal details missing.

FAQs about our service

What does the AI SEO service include?

If we think we can help your law firm with SEO (which we can with 95% of law firms), the initial discounted service includes:

  • Content strategy - we'll identify what content you should create for success.
  • x2 articles - the first 2 articles of your content strategy (to be published on your website).
  • Link-building - once you have approved and published your new content, we'll make sure that other, authoritative websites link to it.
  • Website audit - we'll identify any issues that may be preventing Google and other search engines from showing your website.
  • Tracking - we'll make sure you have all tracking set up to measure the number of visitors coming to your website and where they came from.

Who is the service for?

The AI SEO service has worked for law firms of all shapes and sizes, ranging from law firms with a single Principal Solicitor, to large law firms with over 50 employees.

The behaviour of your target clients is the same... they use search engines like Google to find answers about legal issues.

Our service makes sure that people see your website when they search.


What is SEO for solicitors and law firms?

One of the ways we assist law firms is through search engine optimisation (SEO). By optimising a law firm's website for specific keywords related to their practice areas - be it immigration, probate, or personal injury - we can improve the site's ranking on search engines. This higher visibility can attract more prospects, generate leads, and ultimately convert these leads into fee earners for the law firm.

SEO for solicitors is a vital part of your marketing activity, connecting you with potential clients and revolves around three things:

  1. Technical issues that help Google crawl your website efficiently.
  2. Content that answers your audience’s questions and tells Google exactly what your page is about.
  3. Links from other relevant, authoritative websites.

Many of your clients are using a search engine and If you do SEO well, it can be a consistent driver of new clients each month.

What is the cost and discount period?

The latest version of our service uses AI to dramatically improve the accuracy of our content and ensure that it reflects your ideal tone of voice. As such we're offering the right law firms the opportunity to try the service at a 50% discount.

This will provide you with a month's worth of SEO strategy. After this period it is up to you if you wish to continue into month 2.

What results can be expected?

SEO is a long-term strategy, however after 6 months, the average increase in free traffic from search engines for our clients is 5300%.

Am I tied into any contracts?

If you decide to just use the service for 1 month, you should still eventually see free traffic coming to the website, however, the longer you partner with us, the more visits you'll get. That's the way that SEO works.

Count me in!

*We'll review your firm and get back in touch.