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May 3, 2020

Your Guide To Law Firm Digital Marketing

Note: this is a brief version of the Massive Marketing Strategy for Law Firms. Download the full 35 page guide here

Legal practices want more enquiries for less cost and a greater return on sales and marketing spend.

A strategy is part of your marketing mix and should help you identify new clients, on new channels or improve the channels you are using to market your firm, by increasing the return you get.

What Makes a Strategy

  • Strategy Planning – Unsure of where to start or looking for fresh ideas about how your brand can connect with potential customers? Everything we do is underpinned by strategy.
  • Paid Media – Search engines, networks and social media are great places to advertise your services to people based on who they are and what they are looking for. You pay per click or per impression of an ad.
  • Content – Working with you we can help provide killer content ideas that provoke real engagement with your target audience. We go beyond repetitive posting of things on social media and give your content a real purpose.
  • SEO – Vital for local businesses or any service that people are likely to be searching for. We can provide actionable plans and management to ensure more long term traffic for free, from search engines.
  • Sales Funnels – Do you really need a website? There’s only one way to find out. By creating sales funnels from initial interaction through to email automation we’ll establish online sales funnels that work.
  • Data –It’s only going to become more important. Finding out what interests potential customers and serving them the right message at the right time is vital. It helps increase the lifetime value of customers.

Find Out Where Your Customers Are

  • Get a Google ads account – sign up for free here
  • Navigate to the keyword planner
  • Enter your top 5-10 services – What would a potential client search for if they needed one of your services?
  • View the results – Google lets you know the average number of searches there are per month. Narrow this down to your town or local region and you’ve got yourself an audience.

This means on average that 27,100 people per month search “solicitors near me” in Google. Could you be one of the list of results?

Find out what the competition is

Even if you think that you are the only firm in your area doing what you are doing, you still have competitors. Competition for time, people’s money and their perception of value.  

First you’ll need to know who your competitors are and make sure that the list is comprehensive.

Write a list of competing businesses who you think are your competitors. This could be local law firms or national competitors. It may even be comparison sites or businesses in other industries.

Find new competitors by doing google searches that are specific to your firm “solicitors near me”, “family law solicitors in bristol”. Note the results. Who are they? What are they promising clients?

Use software to help you. Services like SEMRush.com or similarweb can give you an indication of which sites are ranking for key search terms in your region and give you suggested competition.

Do The Cost Analysis

Think about all of your sales and marketing efforts to get new business. You need to be aware of two things; how much it costs you to acquire a new client and what the lifetime value is of that client.

Life time value can be calculated by multiplying client value by the average client lifespan. But don’t forget the value in word of mouth. Happy clients become advocates!

Already have a marketing and sales function in the business? What’s the total cost of this including the people to make it happen? This should allow you to set benchmarks for new activity.

Which marketing and sales channels are likely to meet your needs when it comes to the ideal cost per acquisition of new clients? How much would you need to invest in people and processes to make this happen?

Why Choose You?

What promises do you make and keep for clients. List some features and benefits of choosing you vs. competitors:

  • Cost effective?
  • Value for money?
  • Experienced with great track record?
  • Highly recommended by people like me?
  • What is your company culture like?

Don’t forget the importance of price. Is your pricing competitive? If not, why should people pay more?

Promoting Your Law Firm

Getting Noticed

Your first touch point with a client. First impressions are critical. SEO for solicitors, paid media, social media and partnerships are some of the ways you can get in front of potential clients looking for your services.

If They Don’t Notice You?

The majority of people who see your ads, search engine listings or social media posts won’t take action straight away. You have to be prepared to test, test, test.

Your Offer Landing Page

Create a compelling landing page that works on mobile and desktop machines. This does more that tell people about you. It compels them to use your services.

  • Clear benefit-driven headlines
  • Plain-English reasons why they should choose you.
  • Easily understood (you’ve got 5 seconds to capture their attention)
  • Call to action (CTA) that tells them exactly what to do
  • Reviews or social proof from existing customers

Other Lead Generators

It’s possible to capture leads without using your website (it is 2019 after all). Facebook and Linkedin are great places to imbed lead generation forms. You could also consider:

  • Lead generation ads – a target client can enter their email straight into the ad without leaving the platform e.g. Facebook.
  • Call campaigns in Google ads – users can call you straight from their mobile device or a number in an ad.

People and Processes

Data & Reporting

By setting goals and understanding the metrics of your marketing efforts, you can decide where to invest more money and where to draw back. Here are a few key metrics:

  • Number of new leads including the number of new leads that included an interaction with your marketing efforts.
  • Market share – how much has this increased and how much remains available vs. competitors.
  • Lifetime value of customers – how many more profitable services have you sold.

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