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From the what and why, through to the how. This FREE 35 page guide is specific to law firms and based on over 7 years of experience in getting more enquiries from potential clients. The guide takes you through the full marketing mix so you can either; decide where to start or evaluate your existing strategy and find out where to improve. 

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It's Absolutely Free

It's absolutely free. Sure you need to give me your email address in order to access it, but I'll continue giving you value. You can unsubscribe any time.

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At 35 pages long, I've given you some in-depth explanation as to how I would go about a marketing strategy for law firms in 2019. 

It's Based On Experience

These are proven methods to quickly establish what your strategy for reaching more clients and getting more leads should be.

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With such detail, it can seem a little overwhelming. You can contact me any time and even arrange a free consultation here.

Why all the law firm marketing?

Hi, I'm Jonny and I recently founded Inbound Things Ltd after 10 years of digital marketing successes and failures (but mostly successes). We've cracked the formula for getting more clients at a lower cost for law firms, but the digital industry changes so quickly, now is the time to act.

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